One of Xander's favourite meals is bangers and beans, but the vast majority of sausages contain rusk, a form of breadcrumb used to get the right texture. This is, of course, made with wheat flour, so what choice is there? Well, Tesco and Sainsbury's both sell frozen bags of dedicated free from sausages for £2 (although Sainsbury's have slightly better value with two more sausages in the bag than their competition). However, while shopping for myself at a local Waitrose while staying at Alex's over the Easter holidays, I discovered an impressive range of sausages that are free of wheat rusk.

UPDATE- Following the initial publication of this article, Sainsbury's and Tesco both are offering more gluten free varieties. I will add these over time.

Good Little Company

85% outdoor British pork and dedicated gluten free, there is a lot to be said about these gorgeous sausages. The chipolatas and big sausages are juicy and tender, and the cocktail sausages make great pigs in blankets, something that Xander missed until the wedding party we attended together.

Large sausages come in a pack of 6, Chipolatas 12, and cocktail sausages 18

Waitrose Fresh Pork Chorizo

For those out of the know, chorizo is a Spanish sausage flavoured with paprika and peppers. Although the packet recommends 35 minutes at 180 celsius for a fan assisted oven, I would suggest docking five minutes. I'm not fond of paprika or peppers, but done right these are a nice change from plain sausages in Xander's book.

While these are not dedicated gluten free, they are made without rusk, although as the allergen section warns, like many sausages they contain sulphites.

Pack of 6

Waitrose Rosemary and Thyme Chipolatas

To be honest, I don't touch these because the alternative to rusk is onion, which I always taste and never enjoy in foods, especially its texture. Xander had these and he said they are quite nice, although he seems to prefer the Good Little Company chipolatas.

Pack of 12


Irish chef Paul Rankin is a household name in my family, as my father is fond of both his potato farls and soda bread. I was very surprised to see he made gluten free sausages, and needless to say I took a pack home for experimentation. These are available in a normal and herb variant. Like Good Little Company, these boast 85% British outdoor bred pork. Seasoned with mace and nutmeg, these bangers pack a punch, but the pork is juicy. Those who miss Irish style sausages will not be disappointed. Like Good Little Company, these have a full cardboard sleeve which keeps the sausages safe even after the plastic has been opened.

Available as pork and pork and herb

Black Farmer

Boasting an incredible 90% British outdoor bred pork and bearing the freedom foods mark as well as being a gluten free recipe, these were milder than Rankin's sausages, and were certainly very tasty in my book. Xander told me that he preferred Rankin, although he thinks Black Farmer's consistency and flavour would be the ideal for sandwiches.

Pack of 6, also available are pack of 10 'Black Farmer's Daughter' chipolatas.

Waitrose Gluten Free

The cheapest of the lot and with considerably less packaging, these are distinctive with the golden yellow paper sleeve around the wax paper. The pack is slightly more at eight sausages in a pack as well, while most of those listed above are 6 for big ones (Black Farmer offer 10 chipolatas while Good Little Company ones come in a pack of 12). But the high fat content compared to some prompted me to have mine sparingly. They are certainly nice for a spot of variety.

Pack of 8


On top of the dedicated gluten-free sausages, which are frozen, there are three of the fresh ranges that are also gluten free. The Toulouse inspired, Sicilian inspired, and the pork and apple sausages are all gluten free and marked as such. They are sold in packs of 6.

The apple sausages have chunk of apple inside, as opposed to a pulp in the Good Little Company sausages. They might come as a little sweet for the liking of some, but overall I feel they are a nice sausage and a change from the usual.

The Toulouse sausages are very tangy, with mixed herbs, red wine and bacon. Naturally, the bacon looks pink when cooked, so don't mix it up with them being underdone. I found them nice, Xander does as well.

Xander's favoruite, but my least so, are the Sicilian, which are fennel, red wine and herbs. I don't know, but the fennel tastes odd to me. But each to their own.

Seeing such a considerable range I was quick to give plenty of praise for my local Waitrose via their feedback online, noting this in the comments section. Xander, having initially resigned to some rather plain sausages and Red Dog frankfurters, is thrilled to know such a wide range available to him, even if it is more money for fewer bangers.


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