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Confectioner's Wrath cake balls

I do not like store-bought gluten free stuff.

I've made cakes that have been good enough that Xander isn't afraid to let people think he can't have them before helping himself to a slice. I've pulled off gooey, moist, crunchy, you name it. Heck, my cookies have prompted a certain colleague of Xander's to insist me some kind of evil genius.

Then I added vanilla frosting to make sandwiches.

But the store bought stuff, it's not always dry, I'll give you that, but it's almost inevitably crumbly, They just fall apart when you try to cut them, and generally causes trouble.

One day I was trying to cut up Sainsbury's Chocolate cake when I found a sizeable portion had fallen apart in my attempt. It's moist and tasty, but falls apart so damn easily.

I lost it, reduced what was left to crumbs, and mixed half a tub of vanilla frosting into it. I refridgerated the mixture, and rolled it into balls.

And that, my friends, is why I call this confectioner's…

Nintendo Vs Sony! Comparing the current standards of portable gaming.

Today I'm going to compare two pieces of hardware with the help of my boyfriend Xander, the 3DS XL and the original PlayStation Vita.

Out of the box
Xander and I bought our Vitas at different times, we also bought different packages. Xander bought a package deal with a PS3 slim and PS Vita. I bought the Assassin's Creed III Liberation bundle just after Christmas that year.
Xander's came with the console, power supply (designed in two parts, a USB cable and a transformer), augmented reality cards, and safety instructions. He had to buy his memory card separately. Mine came with these, a 4GB memory card and a download code for the game I had purchased with it.
The 3DS XL comes with a 4GB memory card, a stylus and instructions. It didn't even come with a USB cable, let alone a charger. Fortunately, I was friends with my local GAME store manager, and he bundled one in for us as well as a good deal on an essentials kit that served Xander very well.
Getting Hands On
I'm go…


An Ace Attorney twist only Spike Chunsoft could get away with This has to be a game that slipped through a few radars last year. Eurogamer realised, when bombarded by its readers as to why this series was not a candidate for game of the year, that they hadn't reviewed it at all.
While very much its own game, there are some definite Spike Chunsoft notes, including the murderous mascot, Virtue's Last Reward saw Zero as a rabbit, this time we have Monokuma, a deranged animatronic bear who loves nothing more than to spread despair among the beacons of hope.
Ace Attorney meets Battle Royale in the story of Danganronpa, where 15 high school students, each with their own distinct talent, are told that the only way out of the sealed up school is not only to kill a classmate, but to trick the surviving students into thinking someone else did it. To push them into it, Monokuma feeds a motive to the survivors in the form of a school assembly, prompting your character to investigate the …