An Ace Attorney twist only Spike Chunsoft could get away with

This has to be a game that slipped through a few radars last year. Eurogamer realised, when bombarded by its readers as to why this series was not a candidate for game of the year, that they hadn't reviewed it at all.

While very much its own game, there are some definite Spike Chunsoft notes, including the murderous mascot, Virtue's Last Reward saw Zero as a rabbit, this time we have Monokuma, a deranged animatronic bear who loves nothing more than to spread despair among the beacons of hope.

Ace Attorney meets Battle Royale in the story of Danganronpa, where 15 high school students, each with their own distinct talent, are told that the only way out of the sealed up school is not only to kill a classmate, but to trick the surviving students into thinking someone else did it. To push them into it, Monokuma feeds a motive to the survivors in the form of a school assembly, prompting your character to investigate the crime scene in order to present evidence at a trial, where your 'classmates' are both a witness and a juror. If the wrong person is chosen, it's game over for everyone except the killer, so it's safe to say that if you want the story to continue, you want to get it right and do so first time.

With a diverse cast of characters, a roller-coaster pace and sharp wit, not to mention a brutality that only Spike Chunsoft can provide, this game, whose Vita ports are the first time they have arrived outside of Japan, are definitely ones that, if you haven't tried already, you really should.


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