Nintendo Vs Sony! Comparing the current standards of portable gaming.

Today I'm going to compare two pieces of hardware with the help of my boyfriend Xander, the 3DS XL and the original PlayStation Vita.

Out of the box

Xander and I bought our Vitas at different times, we also bought different packages. Xander bought a package deal with a PS3 slim and PS Vita. I bought the Assassin's Creed III Liberation bundle just after Christmas that year.

Xander's came with the console, power supply (designed in two parts, a USB cable and a transformer), augmented reality cards, and safety instructions. He had to buy his memory card separately.
Mine came with these, a 4GB memory card and a download code for the game I had purchased with it.

The 3DS XL comes with a 4GB memory card, a stylus and instructions. It didn't even come with a USB cable, let alone a charger. Fortunately, I was friends with my local GAME store manager, and he bundled one in for us as well as a good deal on an essentials kit that served Xander very well.

Getting Hands On

I'm going to be honest, I really do not like the feel of the 3DS in my hands, the angles are harsh and not very ergonomic, plus the volume control is very easy to slide up or down during gameplay. What's more, I am not a fan of its control slider. It doesn't feel as smooth under thumb as its home console counterparts. While I understand that Nintendo had to solve the conundrum between a flat console so the piece could fold on top of providing the 360-degrees offered by control stick, I don't particularly enjoy what has been provided.

Xander also noted to me that the case feels cheap, a feeling made more so by the fact that the case seems to be held together by clips as opposed to screws into the frame in various places.

The PS Vita is more ergonomic, and the control sticks are both well-positioned and feel good under thumb. The screen is not perfect, having unique patterns when it's meant to display a black screen, but overall it's well designed and feels much more hardy. The only downside is the lack of protection that is offered by the 3DS's fold-over structure.

It's All About the Juice

First of all, the estimated stand by time of 3 days for the 3DS is based on if the console has the wi-fi off. With it on, it's cut in half based on our results. This contrasts sharply with the Vita, which can last several days on standby.

Both consoles provide an overall improvement over their previous ones in terms of power, though I have to say the fact that the Vita touch screen and rear touch pad are multi-touch capable shows how far the technology has come. The 3DS still uses single touch (much like the Wii U's gamepad).

While it does vary considerably depending on what you're running on the system, (the Vita is capable of films and music as well as games) I do feel that it is the Vita that packs the superior battery.

Smooth as Silk?

There's no mincing words about this, the 3DS is a slower console. It takes several seconds to switch to the home screen from a game, to turn a game off, you name it, the 3DS will not do it quickly.

The Vita only feels slow sometimes when it's downloading data off the wi-fi (or if you got one capable of it, the 3G), a quick press of the button wakes the console up, switching screens is fluid and closing tabs is just a case of flicking them off the screen.

All in all

While it doesn't quite have the fanbase that Nintendo's counterpart has, I have to say I do believe the Vita is by far a superior console. The technology is superior, the battery power is more efficient, the CPU is faster, you name it.

And thus, my Vita and its games see considerably more gameplay.


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