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This might be off my usual trail, but it is something I do feel that is worth sharing.

It's safe to say that as a couple living, but not working, together, we sometimes find ourselves near the supermarket, so Xander wanted us to have a synched shopping list rather than, say, having a notepad pinned onto the fridge to write things on before the weekly shop.

At first we used Trello, but we found a huge issue, it didn't let us change the list if it doesn't have signal, which is a problem when your local supermarket at best has emergency only and at worst no service at all.

Bring! solves this problem for us. It will cache your changes and relay them later, and if not, you can refresh it by swiping downwards like many other Android applications. You can create lists under various names (we currently use Home, which you can see in the screenshots overall, but other lists, such as Office and Holiday, are also available (during the Euros there was even a list for when you were watching the matches).

The application is simple to use as well, many pre-picked (and surprisingly posh, including the likes of asparagus and parma ham) items are already assigned little tiles in convenient folders (left). Tapping any of these tiles will move it to the top of the list (above right) if your item is not recognised, it will create one (an example of this in the right hand screenshot with the items marked with letters). Recently used items are also in a separate tab as well as their usual dedicated one, making it easy to find the things you buy often.

Not only that, but you can add a short description to any of these tiles by holding it. When it is done, your notes will be inserted on the tiles (see screenshots to left and right for comparison) then hit the tick and you're ready to go!

However, what can probably serve as icing on the cake are the notifications. In the first two screenshots, you can see that there's a little speech bubble. Tap that button and you'll be pulled onto a screen (right) herein you can see my icon and Xander's, since we share the list. Tapping any of the three buttons below will send a notification to those you share the list with, announcing you're going to the supermarket, that you've updated the list (useful if the earlier button has been pressed!) and that the shopping is done.

Bring is definitely a slick little app and I do recommend getting it whether you share a list or not.


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