Coconut Milk Ice Cream

The original recipe for this comes from The Hungry Mouse but it did initially pose a few problems for me, for one, I don't have a blender, and if I tried to use cold coconut milk I ended up with little bits of unmixed coconut fat in my ice cream. For another, it was a smidge too sweet for our tastes, and it turned out just two teaspoons of vanilla was nowhere near enough for Xander. I also don't always have the time to take it out of the freezer to churn again, so I was treated to a Lakeland ice cream maker.

The result of this will, naturally, taste like coconut, but it is still a delicious, creamy treat. I chose to put up the vanilla recipe simply because it can be used as a base for so many other delicious flavours.

  • Two cans of coconut milk
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • Two tablespoons of vanilla bean paste
Pour the coconut milk into a bowl, scraping out the white fat if it's separated.
Add the sugar and vanilla and whizz with a hand beater until the ingredients have combined and the result is smooth and creamy. By all means, take a cheeky taste to see if it's to your taste.
Put the mixture in the fridge and chill for at least two hours, but ideally overnight.
Once chilled, give the mixture a quick mix if it's separated (the sugar seems to prevent it in my experience so it shouldn't be a problem) and pour into your ice cream maker. Churn for 25 minutes or so or until the mixture resembles the consistency of soft scoop ice cream.
Pour into a container and put in the freezer to set.



Don't fret if your mix is lumpy at the top, those are air bubbles, and they help make your ice cream light and smooth as opposed to hard and icy.

If you want to add something solid to your ice cream, add them in the last five minutes of churning.

For a ripple effect, make the sauce and pour it with the ice cream in layers in your desired container and stir briefly before setting it in the freezer

Worried about your ice cream melting in your container? Stick the container in the fridge while you're churning your ice cream!


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