Warning to wheat free Brits

I know I promised some delicious desserts (they're pending photos and I have a clashing work schedule with my boyfriend, who promised to teach me to use his flash gun >< ) but I remembered and wanted to draw attention to this first.

I live in the UK (which makes the fact that most of my traffic is from the US rather surprising) so that's why I review and talk recipes with ingredients from the UK.

Those who have taken the time to read my 'Likely Comments and Questions' page may be aware that I highlight that there is a difference between a gluten intolerance and a wheat intolerance (allergies are a special form of intolerance). The ingredients of glucose syrup and monosodium glutamate are ones we cannot rule out especially.

Fortunately for us, or perhaps unfortunately, Waitrose has offered the courtesy of telling us where they source their glucose syrup in their latest range of sweets. Good news is that those with a wheat allergy won't buy them by mistake, bad news is that those who are allergic to wheat, but not gluten, cannot have them.


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