Blank canvas recipes: New idea, new page

While pattering about my day job, I was thinking about an online discussion I had last month. Celebrity Gordon Ramsay (Not 'Ramsey' people, that's a different man entirely) was asked in an 'Ask Me Anything' about five things he thought everyone should be able to cook.

I was rather happy that I can pretty much do all five (pretty much because I don't do a lot of braising, though I do use a slow cooker for some of Xander's lunches) and do so without wheat or milk. But the discussion became interesting when someone said they'd make burgers more often if they could flavour the chicken or pork patties to resemble beef.

"Why do that? Why not make twists inspired by the meat you're using?" I asked. "Why not a sweet and sour pork burger with red pepper and pineapple for salad or a pesto chicken burger with rocket, mozzarella and sundried tomato in a ciabatta?"

Skip a month to today, and thinking about it I realised that I don't remember a lot of recipes boasting themselves as a 'blank canvas', a springboard on which the budding cook can put their own stamp on it.

So, starting with the first on Ramsay's list, home made burgers, I'm going to, on top of my overall goal of archiving successful delicious wheat and milk free food, I'm going look into perfecting these blank canvases. Yes, they'll be bland and unassuming on their own, but that's the point, these are recipes that are not meant to end there, they are here for you to add your own thing to, fruit, desired veggies, sauces, go nuts (pun intended).

With all this said, I think I know the perfect place to start, home made burgers. I'll be working on this tonight, since that is actually the menu I have in mind for us.



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