Bumps in the road- baking is off for a while

As I mentioned on Twitter this morning, my oven is officially a hazard until further notice, so it's switched off at the mains apart from when we're using the hob (the sparks use the same switch) until my landlord's handyman can see to it (worst case scenario, I'll be getting an electrician to look at it and having my landlord pay the bill).

So why share it like this when I tweeted about it already? Well, it was such a subtle sign that I felt that I should share it, because this is something that could potentially prevent a fire and even save lives.

With that said, let me elaborate on the incident.

The thing that I noticed was that whenever I used the oven, I was getting a really fishy smell. It wouldn't have been the end of the world, were it not for the fact that I rarely cook fish. Xander's first thought was perhaps something to do with the oven itself was releasing this strange smell, so I took the oven cleaner to it. I got a lot more gunk out doing so than you'd have thought, but the next evening (we ordered in that day) we noticed the smell still.

A quick search led me to the Netmums forums and yes, what I read was a cause for concern. I already knew a lot of heat was leaking from the sides, since it warped the plastic lacquer on the drawers next to it. Needless to say, after this I stopped using it and called my landlord to inform him right away.

So guys, if you notice anything off about an appliance, especially ones like this, stop using it and get a professional to assess it. It might be something minor, but like illnesses, it is better to get it checked out sooner than wait for it to get worse.


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