Home made burgers

As promised earlier, here's my bland as baked beans recipe for home made burgers. Add your own sauces, herbs, spices, put them in whatever bread you like, go crazy.


Makes about four good sized burgers

  • 500g mince of your choice
  • 1 Small slice of bread
  • 1 small egg (failing that, one yolk)
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
Note: Skip the lean stuff for this, or you will end up with a dry burger.


By hand, grater or a food processor (whichever is available and easiest to you) shred the bread into crumbs.
Put the minced meat into a bowl, mix in the crumbs, salt and pepper until evenly spread.
Add the egg/yolk, mix until the egg is completely combined into the other ingredients.
Shape with your hands or, if you're really fussy about perfectly round burgers, invest in a burger press.

Personally, I like to baste the burgers I make sear them in a pan and finish them in a hot oven, but since this is a diverse recipe, feel free to experiment, just remember that poultry burgers must always be cooked through.


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