The endless list of coconut products

This is practically worthy of a piece in and of itself owing to the fact that the names blur almost as much as the number of different milk products used in food. So here are the many faces of coconut product that are immediately to hand.

Coconut Milk Drink

This is an alternative to milk made with coconut as a base, it's more watery than canned coconut milk and usually served in litre-sized cartons. It can settle and it is advised to be shaken before use and can come in a long-life and fresh version. Either way, it can be found next to other milk alternatives (see my reference sheet for more info).

In the UK, some brands such as Alpro mix coconut with rice for their milk drinks, but if you want just coconut, there's a brand called Koko that also boasts added vitamins D and B12.

Coconut Milk

A product popular in Asian cuisine, this is made by boiling the coconut flesh in the water (see below

Coconut Cream

A less watery, more creamy version of tinned coconut milk, found in tins and cartons, it can also be made from separating the fatty part of coconut milk. It's a good substitute for heavy cream in recipes.

Creamed Coconut

Not to be mistaken with coconut cream, this is a solid version that needs to be mixed with boiling water to make coconut milk.

Cream of Coconut

Again, not to be mixed with the other two, this is the condensed milk of coconut. Sweetened and syrupy, it is used in cocktails like PiƱa Coladas. I haven't found this in stores.

Coconut Water

Sold as a drink, this watery substance is the liquid that is found in whole coconuts.


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