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The Oven is Fixed!

I mentioned this briefly on Twitter, my landlord's handyman came in yesterday and fixed the oven, but before I reveal what happened, let me remind you what prompted me to call in the professional on this.
When I used the oven, I realised there was a strong smell, like fish, coming from it. I cleaned it thoroughly with oven spray, let's just say it needed that, but the smell remained.
Pattering around on the Internet I came across a thread on netmums wherein one user, Jodie, suggested the smell is a sign of failing electrics and to get them checked. This actually made sense because while the hob is gas my oven is electric. I called my landlord and switched it off at the mains, using matches for my hob so no one forgot to turn it back off.
So yesterday, while I was already at work, the handyman arrived. Xander went to work before he could look at it, but what it boiled down to was the plug had shorted. So he cut the burnt off bits, installed a new plug and reassembled the device…

Life Rambles- Modern Teens and Workforce

I'm not too proud to deny it, I work in retail full time, been in my current job nearing two years now, but between my mother being an A level Maths teacher and work, I'm hearing the word 'lazy' an awful lot when talking about those in the 16-18 band.

Sometimes, I think there are things that we're not teaching people at school:
Getting past the interview is not the end. With some of our short-lived colleagues, it's their first job, and I have gotten the feeling that they believed it's plain sailing once they pass that interview and get the offer.
I cannot remember a time in school where I was told about probationary periods. This is a time when your boss is monitoring your performance to see if you really can do the job. It can be three months initially, but employers are allowed to extend it up to six if they think they need more time to see what you're capable of. If someone does not uphold the standards expected persistently, they are let go with no …

Soda farls

So I'm not expecting to get a hold of an electrician for at least another week (the one my landlord trusts is out of town, and the one I work with is on holiday, go figure...) he suspects a shorted element, but we'll have to see what the damage is when he gets back.

But as we experiment on the hob (and pursuing solutions to problems from said attempts) I began culling things that went uneaten (this was mostly long-life stuff stowed away for emergency situations that never presented themselves) I came across four jars of sandwich pickle. This with ham is Xander's filling of choice for sandwiches, which he was put off of because he didn't like the texture of gluten free bread and spelt bread from The Bread Shop was always at risk of cross-contamination.

So on Wednesday I come home from the supermarket laden with fresh goodies for a top-up, since there's only so much room in our fridge and a lot is taken by cold drinks and a week's worth of lunches after Sunday pr…