The Oven is Fixed!

I mentioned this briefly on Twitter, my landlord's handyman came in yesterday and fixed the oven, but before I reveal what happened, let me remind you what prompted me to call in the professional on this.

When I used the oven, I realised there was a strong smell, like fish, coming from it. I cleaned it thoroughly with oven spray, let's just say it needed that, but the smell remained.

Pattering around on the Internet I came across a thread on netmums wherein one user, Jodie, suggested the smell is a sign of failing electrics and to get them checked. This actually made sense because while the hob is gas my oven is electric. I called my landlord and switched it off at the mains, using matches for my hob so no one forgot to turn it back off.

So yesterday, while I was already at work, the handyman arrived. Xander went to work before he could look at it, but what it boiled down to was the plug had shorted. So he cut the burnt off bits, installed a new plug and reassembled the device.

I honestly wish I thought to take a photo of this before we disposed of it, but when I got home from buying dinner, Xander found a piece of wire that the guy had dropped. I know enough about electrics to recognise it as part of the earth wire (the giveaway is the green and yellow plastic sleeve) and part of the sleeve which insulated the cable itself was burnt black! I think it is safe to say that Jodie in that thread had perhaps saved another life by putting up the advice she did.

I mostly know this because I work at a hardware store, but the switch that the cooker is connected to is 45A, which is over 3 times the highest plug fuse of 13A. It's safe to say that this was something that could very well have led to a fire had it not been for Jodie and her warnings.


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