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Why I boycott games with loot boxes

This is a stance that I felt I have needed to express for some time, because while a lot of it is shrugged off or defended in some manner, there is one simple point that I do not think gets talked about often enough alongside it.

You just need to look at my following list on Twitter to know I like video games.

I enjoy DLC expansions, and consider a number of micro-transactions to be a nuisance more than a help, but I do not condone loot boxes in the slightest. I can honestly say everything I can't stand about how the majority of businesses seek to almost weaponise the desire to obtain than what the lootbox offers, which says something when you look at my career history.

But I am also very lucky, the majority of games I enjoy to play do not work well with such a mechanic. For me, video games are so much more than blasting at or racing other people online, they're a powerful storytelling medium with arguably more to offer the consumer than any other medium. As the power of techn…

On job interviews and bad weather

Yesterday I had a job interview.

I won't give details about the company or what happened, but I want to share two big tips that I have never been given by an agent that did go down well.

Be practical about the circumstances

Dress smartly and win a good first impression, certainly, but don't put form over function. One agency I've worked with told me to wear a skirt if possible as I am a girl, but for personal reasons I do not do so.

But in bad weather, get a good balance between looking good and aiming to arrive.

I left for the interview in my Karrimoor hybrid walkers because my interview boots have a lousy tread for yesterday's snow/ice conditions. I wore a suit and a new coat which was padded and warm with thick gloves from the last time snow settled in the south of England. In a backpack I kept my essentials, some tissues and my interview boots to swap into, and fortunately there was a coffee shop below the office so I bought a drink so I could refresh myself before …

Recent Events

So I haven't really done a lot of work here, and there are a lot of reasons for this, some personal. But I've endured a lot and many lessons have been learned from that.

One of those things is that retail is definitely not a sector that suits my mindset as a workplace.

The biggest reason for this is, as someone who has been on the floor, I'm frustrated by the fact that the higher echelons see the floor as a series of automatons for the purpose of maximising the sales and money coming into the company. The problem is that this is not an age where people are spending beyond their means anymore. People are being advised left and right to treat their personal household budgets like a business in its own right, balance the books and save a little nest egg for a rainy day, that is something I had been doing myself throughout my last job.

Yeah, my last job.

I tendered my resignation in the first week of the year, and have been out of there for two weeks now.

I'm not going to …