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So I haven't really done a lot of work here, and there are a lot of reasons for this, some personal. But I've endured a lot and many lessons have been learned from that.

One of those things is that retail is definitely not a sector that suits my mindset as a workplace.

The biggest reason for this is, as someone who has been on the floor, I'm frustrated by the fact that the higher echelons see the floor as a series of automatons for the purpose of maximising the sales and money coming into the company. The problem is that this is not an age where people are spending beyond their means anymore. People are being advised left and right to treat their personal household budgets like a business in its own right, balance the books and save a little nest egg for a rainy day, that is something I had been doing myself throughout my last job.

Yeah, my last job.

I tendered my resignation in the first week of the year, and have been out of there for two weeks now.

I'm not going to …