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Why I boycott games with loot boxes

This is a stance that I felt I have needed to express for some time, because while a lot of it is shrugged off or defended in some manner, there is one simple point that I do not think gets talked about often enough alongside it.

You just need to look at my following list on Twitter to know I like video games.

I enjoy DLC expansions, and consider a number of micro-transactions to be a nuisance more than a help, but I do not condone loot boxes in the slightest. I can honestly say everything I can't stand about how the majority of businesses seek to almost weaponise the desire to obtain than what the lootbox offers, which says something when you look at my career history.

But I am also very lucky, the majority of games I enjoy to play do not work well with such a mechanic. For me, video games are so much more than blasting at or racing other people online, they're a powerful storytelling medium with arguably more to offer the consumer than any other medium. As the power of techn…