Likely Comments and Questions

Just a few most likely questions for anyone visiting.

Do you have an allergy?

I do not have a food allergy, but I do have a skin condition called eczema and a complete and utter aversion to onions, so I understand the importance of adjusting life to keep you healthy. My boyfriend Xander, on the other hand, has multiple allergies, including wheat, seems intolerant to dairy, and lung-related allergies to dust, pollen and pet dander.

Not all your recipes/reviewed products are gluten free!

Xander is allergic to wheat, not gluten, therefore can eat oats, rye, spelt, and barley products with no trouble. That said, we have to be careful with two ingredients, glucose syrup and monosodium glutamate, both of which have the gluten removed during manufacturing but in some cases are sourced from wheat (Waitrose is good in that it names whether or not it uses wheat-sourced glucose syrup).

On a similar note, I know others with different dietary choices and intolerances, I talk about food a lot with the people I know, and that allows me to learn things about their preferences. Either Xander or myself, most likely both, will try the food we review at some point, as well as others (as is the case with the confections Xander takes to work).

What's with the title?

As well as being a good ethos, the title of this blog is inspired by the Square Enix game The World Ends with You. It is one of the first games that Xander loaned to me in our relationship.

Tell us about your gaming!

I'm console neutral, and while I have a pretty good gaming laptop I do not have a good ergonomic setup to play games on it. I have access to Sony and Microsoft's last two generations, a Wii U and own both current portable consoles. My preferred genres are RPG, puzzles, platformers, and to a degree sims (though I get bored of the gameplay of some).

You use gluten free mixes a lot.

Good observation, while I currently have access to an Asian supermarket (which, internet aside, are the only places you can buy tapioca flour in this country) this only applies to when I'm in my home. Xander and I reguarly visit his family in Devon and it is clear that gluten free is nowhere near as accessible there as it is in London. Accessibility to the ingredients is a big part of what decides these recipes.

What makes you different to [other blog]?

I have two immediate reasons, one that this place is, and one that it isn't.

This is a place that encourages you to make the recipes seen here your own. That is why the Blank Canvas collection exists. Want to make a lamb burger? Go for it! Like nuts mixed in with your ice cream? Add them in the last five minutes of churning. All I ask is that you tell me what you've done with these things!

However, I am not a critic, dietitian or doctor, and I will not tell you how to eat or live your life. Whether you're allergic to wheat yourself or know someone who is coming to your next dinner party, you're all welcome to comment and ask questions here. Occasionally, if something matters to me enough, I might add an opinion piece, or about something that I feel isn't talked about enough, but to me, responsibility to you, my readers, is a high priority.

Do you watch TV?

At this time, not really, we do not have a functioning aerial and to be honest a lot of what we watch is easily purchasable on DVD or can be rented on services like Amazon Prime and Google Play. I also have a job and other things that take a lot of my time outside of thinking about food and personal improvement.

What does Xander do?

Xander works in software development and even maintains his own, very simple, blog wherein he archives problems and fixes that come in his life. He is my go-to person for technical mishaps that come our way.


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