Likely Comments and Questions

Just a few most likely questions for anyone visiting.

Do you have an allergy?

I do not have a food allergy, but I do have a skin condition called eczema and a complete and utter aversion to onions, so I understand the importance of adjusting life to keep you healthy. My boyfriend, on the other hand, has multiple allergies, including wheat, seems intolerant to dairy, and has hay fever.

Not all your recipes/reviewed products are gluten free!

Xander is allergic to wheat, not gluten, therefore can eat oats, rye, spelt, and barley products with no trouble. That said, we have to be careful with two ingredients, glucose syrup and monosodium glutamate, both of which have the gluten removed during manufacturing but in some cases are sourced from wheat (such is the case with the Waitrose bags of sweets).

On a similar note, I know others with different dietary choices and intolerances, I talk about food a lot with the people I know, and that allows me to learn things about their preferences. Either Xander or myself, most likely both, will try the food we review at some point, as well as others (as is the case with the confections Xander takes to work).

Your reviews are old news!

There are several reasons for that, for one, I do not have the press connections to get demos and review copies in advance, for another, I have a tight budget. I also seek to review retro games I never got to play before as well as modern titles. For good game-specific bargains Brits can use Savy gamer, and for general goodies look to Hot UK Deals.

What is your title from?

One of the first games that Xander showed me was 'The World Ends with You'. In game, this statement means that our view of the world is as big or as small as we let it be. Food is very much in the same vein. It is easy to choose convenience foods, but if you ask me, it is both cheaper and much more satisfying to make things from scratch.

But that said, recipes are designed based on the tastes of the person who made them. When you make food from scratch, you can add your own mark on the recipe. Food is a craft and a valuable life skill, and I do feel that that belief is fading in my and newer generations.

Where do these recipes come from?

The base for many of these is from other blogs or recipe books. That said, I also make twists to suit our tastes. This is to archive both of those things.

You use gluten free mixes most of the time.

There's a good reason for that. A lot of gluten free flour is dry or strong tasting on their own. The central part of chewy baking is tapioca flour, which is very hard for me to obtain. I've only seen it in Asian specialist shops, of which there is not one near my home nor my job. Part of my goal is to focus on ease an accessibility, so anyone living where I am (west London at this time) can make the recipes in this blog.

What's with your photos?

They're either my own or Xander's handiwork, honestly, I live in a basement flat so good lighting for photos isn't that great, and the rest is down to my being an amateur.

PC Master Race!/[Gaming company] forever!

I'm console neutral. Between Xander and myself we have two PS3s, an XBox360, Wii U, two PS4s, one original Nintendo 3DS XL, three New 3DS XL consoles (Xander bought both Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Monster Hunter Generations consoles while I have the Hyrule Edition), three PS Vitas (Xander has both a wi-fi and 3G from the first series), a tank of a gaming PC and two OK laptops for the job. I will be trying to review a diverse range of games, and would appreciate it if others would respect this point, thank you very much. I'm a game fan, not a console one.

What is it that you're aiming to do?

This place is a union of two things I love, cooking and games. Also, many with allergies or intolerances are a captive market in most supermarkets, since wheat and dairy are abundant and therefore often cheap fillers even when they're not necessarily needed as an ingredient.

The thing that bothers me about this is a lot like organic, the price label on 'Free From' is needlessly inflated, they're also not as healthy in many regards. While I do use extra Xanthan gum in my recipes, Dove's Farm organic flour mix is only pennies different in cost to it's wheat counterpart, but it would cost him nearly twice as much for the same number of chicken nuggets, and that's when the wheat ones aren't on special offer.

You don't post that often

I work full time in a physically and mentally demanding job in a very busy warehouse as well as being the homemaker of sorts between myself and my boyfriend. I'm working on a buffer as much as I can but it's not always easy. For me, September to November is the busiest time of year so it'll be difficult.

Do you watch [show]?

Due to a lack of functioning aerial I can't watch TV in my flat, with that, there's little point in having a TV licence.

UPDATE: As of 1st September 2016, BBC iPlayer falls under the list of things that mandate a licence, while it makes little sense (it would be too easy to assert someone leeching off a wireless network is the one watching) I don't intend to run that risk, so bear that in mind.

What does Xander do?

Xander works in software development, he has a blog where he shares problems he's encountered in software and hardware and shares them. Feel free to check out his stuff here


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